Gabriela Warrior Renaud is an award-winning independent filmmaker based in Ottawa, Canada. Her work uses the intimacy of storytelling to dig deeper in issues of race and culture. She wants to push the boundaries of our collective comfort-zone to allow room for more inclusive conversations and equal representation. By sharing intersectional stories, Gabriela wants to humanize difficult subjects and shed a light on issues that have been left unexplored. She is currently working on "Hyphen": a documentary which explores cultural identity by sharing stories and experiences of mixed-race Canadians. 

Gabriela is also a multi-talented producer and community manager. She has handled social media properties and multi-media content creation, from film and video production, animation, photography and audio work. She is an expert at growing audiences and reinforcing relationships with online communities. She also has experience in planning premiere promotional and charitable events.

Gabriela has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a specialization in film production from Concordia University.

Gabriela is also the second half of the small housewares business Third Son Laserworks. Gabriela and Jesse create thoughtfully designed products that turn your house into your home, all precision-cut with lasers and lovingly finished by hand. 

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