The Constant Traveller

I recently returned from a backpacking trip around Europe. Five weeks to see as much as possible. Staying in hostels, sleeping in trains, carrying all your belongings on your back; so many experiences to make you grow. But I also decided to make this a solo trip, and that was probably the best experience of all. Having no one to care for you makes you really focus on yourself. Pushing your own limits is harder to do when there is no one there to give you a push. Not only did this trip help me discover my strengths, it also piqued my curiosity to constantly search for new sights. Once I returned to Montreal, that feeling continued to resonate through me, so I went in search of new sights within a city I'd been living in for 3 years now. You can see shots from my venture around the city, as well as from my trip around Europe on my website!