Monday Movie Marathon: So Quotable - Part I.

This week's movie marathon features the kind of films you wish you could take credit for. They are so well written and so clever, how could it have not come from that fabulous brain of yours?! Notice the "Part I" section of the title. Clearly I have some resentment issues. Or just really big shoes to fill (at least I already wear size 9).

1.TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (Howard Hawks, 1944): I grew up watching the classics. My mum always surprised that her 10-year-old could sit through a black & white film, with no explosions and no special effects. But I love them; and I love this one in particular. The chemistry between Bogart and Bacall is magical. I may have practiced the "look up without moving your head" move once or twice...or twenty.

2. TERMS OF ENDEARMENT (James L. Brooks, 1983): I'm not sure I can convey exactly how much I love this movie. It makes me laugh and cry and all the cheesy things girls do while watching a movie. It's quirky and humble and heartbreaking. It's one of those films you are happy to introduce to someone; speaking of which, I have a date to finish it with someone special who is now far away...

3. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (Rob Reiner, 1989): Whether it's the old couple interviews, or the public orgasm scene, you won't forget this movie after you've seen it. Not only does it make you think about our relationships with the opposite sex, or reflect on the people who are in your life, but when was the last time you saw Billy Crystal with a full-head of hair?

4. PULP FICTION (Quentin Tarantino, 1994): I did it. I know it. But come on, how quotable is this movie? As a big Tarantino fan, I was trying to think of which movie to write about. A close second was "True Romance"; check it out if you have the chance. Other than that, seems I don't have much to say. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?

That's it for this week's Monday Movie Marathon. Stay tuned for Part II of my resentment-filled list. Until then, I'll try to think happy thoughts.

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