"The Hyphen Project" on CBC

This has been a big summer for Hyphen, and it's about to get a lot bigger. For the past month, I have been busy working on a "behind the scenes" piece, which will air as part of the "Absolutely Ottawa" series, presented by CBC Ottawa Television. CBC was introduced to Hyphen through SAW video's RESOLUTION 2016 screening, where my short film "Hyphen: Gabriela's Story" peaked the interest of a CBC Executive Producer. This led to the production of a special one-hour feature on me and my larger documentary project, called "The Hyphen Project".

On July 30th, tune in to CBC television at 7pm E.T. to watch my one-hour episode. The episode will also be available online after the broadcast.

During that hour, you will see my journey in making Hyphen: 2 short films, my personal exploration of my own multiracial experience and my introduction to the 20 multiracial Canadians who will make up the film.

This project includes a lot of on-camera interviews with me. The interviews were done in-studio; lights, 2 cameras, makeup, the whole thing. If you know me, you know how comfortable I am behind a camera. I had to sit for hours doing the interview, because when I face a camera, I somehow forget how to say words. Not only that, I have also been editing the hours of footage. And it's been a whole lot of this:

I digress, it's also been an amazing piece to put together, with a lot of this: 

I then discuss the production of the short film about my own experience of being multiracial. I got to talk to my mother about the integral role she had in recording home videos since before I was born. Her meticulous documentation of my childhood was the building blocks for the short film "Hyphen: Gabriela's Story".

I also share my short film, "Go West, Young Women" which features the cross-Canada roadtrip I did with my good friend Melissa after deciding to leave my job to pursue filmmaking. This is the trip that ultimately inspired Hyphen and began my journey as a documentary filmmaker. 

I end with the big picture: the people who are in my film. Hyphen will feature around 20 multiracial Canadians who live in different parts of the country and who represent a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. The one-hour episode will introduce these participants and the stories that will makeup Hyphen. Here's a little sneak peak:

Producing "The Hyphen Project" has really given me the opportunity to take a step back and observe the evolution of my documentary project. I have witnessed my own growth and journey to self-awareness and acceptance and am confidant that this process can do the same for others. 

The episode airs July 30th and I leave for my solo two-month cross-Canada roadtrip the very next day! I leave Ottawa and set-off for Cape Breton and will be driving all the way to Vancouver. I can't wait to hit the road and meet with all the incredible people who are participating in the film.

You can follow along with me here, or on social media using the tag #HyphenRoadtrip.