He Wore Birkenstocks, She Had Feathers in her Hair


A few weeks ago, my half brother got married, and I had the opportunity to be the photographer during the ceremony. The intimate ceremony was held on the grounds where his wife grew up, and the mountains and sun were the perfect backdrop for their special day. And what a beautiful day it was! The 26 guests sat, basking in the sun as the couple shared their vows. Each person had a special role to play in the ceremony, making the day even more intimate and unique. I wanted to capture the simplicity of the celebration, keeping the shots candid and focusing on the details, as they were what made this wedding unforgettable. I was thrilled to show them the finished product, as it was my first attempt at shooting a wedding. It was a process I wasn't familiar with. When I edit videos, I start with a lot of footage, cut it down to the best takes and move the shots around a timeline to create a story. In this case, I started with a story, and had to choose the best moments that captured it; and there was no shortage of material! Going through it, shot by shot was the bulk of the work. But making sure each image looked as good as the last was almost as challenging. I decided to keep the post-production minimal, as the light and colours that day were spectacular. However, the sun created harsh shadows through some of the photos which needed to be lightened. I ran into a few obstacles, but in the end, I was very happy with the photos. Here is small selection, hoping to capture the magical essence of that day. Enjoy!

Weekend Inspiration: Saul Leiter

As I am sure my blog is certainly not the focus of your daily-lives, and going through 2 Mondays and Fridays without a movie marathon and food fight is probably a normal thing, I thought I would contribute to this thought-roll I hope you enjoy. The coming of Canadian Autumn would be a good time to talk photography; colour photography. With these wonderful colours appearing around us only once a year, I always find myself a bit more inspired. One inspiration I go back to when I think of colour photography is the work of Saul Leiter, American photographer and painter who's work during the 1940s and 50s contributed greatly to the evolution of colour photography.

What I love about his work is the precise perception he invokes; through his street photographs that seem to capture not only the environment, but the atmosphere and emotion of the time.

Here is a sample of his work that has inspired some of the work I have done in the past and will continue to do.


© Saul Leiter

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The West Coast in Black & White

Vacations; everyone loves a good vacation. I just returned from a week visit to Canada's west coast, starting with a culinary adventure around Vancouver, and followed by the enjoyment of Victoria's epic views. For this trip, I decided to kick it old-school: I brought along with me my 35mm Minolta camera and a couple rolls of black & white film. The nice thing about film is the limited shots you get (24 to 36 in each roll). It really makes you think about things you want to take a picture of, versus the things you just want to remember. Instead of having your camera permanently glued to your face the whole time, you usually only take one shot to capture the experience, and you get to live the rest. Now the fun (and unnerving) part is waiting for the prints. Let's hope they come out! I love flipping through the prints, remembering little details I had forgotten. I'll share those with you once I get them back, but for the meantime, here's some black & white inspiration.

photos courtesy centrifugaStuck in Customs

- Gabriela

Red Wine and Cigarettes

I was so very happy when he agreed to have me take his picture. Dating a photographer for almost three years, it seems he understood the game; I just had to be patient. Even with his negative feelings towards sitting for a portrait, I have absolutely always loved photographing him. He has such a photogenic face, the likes of James Dean and Buddy Holly; the light seems to effortlessly bounce off his skin. I hope I get to continue this series, but for now, I hope you enjoy this small selection.

vince cigarette   the face 

Maybe I'll go to Amsterdam, or maybe I'll go to Rome

Falling asleep on the train to Cinque Terre, accompanied by Joni Mitchell was one of the best sleeps I had on my trip. You would think that having to keep an eye on my backpack and trying to get comfortable while my neighbour squishes me to the window would keep me from dozing off, but it seems I was more tired than I thought. Bunk beds and trains started to feel more pleasant as the time went by, and the only complaint I had about sleeping on the train was missing the views! You can see the rest of my travel shots on my website. Enjoy!