Getting Away

Sorry I've been away again, with more excuses this time. But at least I have something to show for it! A friend studying abroad suggested we meet in Barcelona, so I booked a flight and made the best of my time in Europe. Getting there was a bit crazy, and after 2 days of traveling, all I wanted was to be horizontal. So 7 nights in Barcelona, 2 in London visiting some friends and one night in Paris trying to recover (however that night was probably the craziest, for not so fun reasons...) and I had a wonderful time. Too bad I've been so sick this week to properly reminisce. Well, I finally went through my pictures, so here is a small collection of them. Enjoy. 

Maybe I'll go to Amsterdam, or maybe I'll go to Rome

Falling asleep on the train to Cinque Terre, accompanied by Joni Mitchell was one of the best sleeps I had on my trip. You would think that having to keep an eye on my backpack and trying to get comfortable while my neighbour squishes me to the window would keep me from dozing off, but it seems I was more tired than I thought. Bunk beds and trains started to feel more pleasant as the time went by, and the only complaint I had about sleeping on the train was missing the views! You can see the rest of my travel shots on my website. Enjoy!