The Cutting Room Floor


A few weekends ago, the MediaStyle team ran the on-site communications hub at the Broadbent Institute's inaugural Progress Summit. In three days, we created some pretty killer content. As the lead on the A/V team, I shot, edited and uploaded all the keynote speeches, a handful of the panel discussions and some of the interviews we lead in the MediaStyle cube. Once the last keynote speech ended, I wrapped up the edit of the weekend's roundup video so the Broadbent Institute could share it across their network.

I then managed to take some shots of the team working away in our custom cube in the lobby of the Delta Hotel. I think my film production teammates from Concordia would appreciate the DIY dolly solution we came up with to get the tracking shots for the video: me sitting in the hotel luggage cart being pushed around the lobby. It wasn't as smooth as our wheelchair dolly, but I think it worked out pretty well.

After the craziness died down and we were back to our normal workload, I was faced with the inevitable conundrum of having too much content. Between the video and graphic material that we created over the weekend, I had no idea where to start. I wanted to properly showcase the quality of the content we produced, without overwhelming the viewer. I was browsing through possible music I could use, and once I found it, all the pieces came together. Editing to music is a style I really enjoy, as you can see in the web series I produced for local boutique, Victoire.

After a few different versions, a fun audio recording session with the team (the blooper reel from this is particularly pleasant), I finally finished it! I think it's a great way to capture what we were able to accomplish over the weekend. I must admit, I'm quite proud. Proud to have been the only woman on the A/V team at the convention, proud to have witnessed the great ideas shared amongst the attendees, and proud to have been part of the team that hustled to the end to produce some really great content.

Check out the video below. You can also see our photos from the event here, courtesy of Benjamin Dickerson. Lastly, you can find the full handout infographic featured in the video here.