Monday Movie Marathon: A Sight For Sore Eyes


This week's movie marathon features films that are so beautifully shot, every shot is like a feast for your eyes. During these cold grey winter nights, maybe these will awaken that part of the brain that remembers that this world is a really beautiful place.

1. CITIZEN KANE (Orson Welles, 1941)

One of the original films with "those cool shots". This is a timeless, epic story with cinematography to match. If you're feeling patient this evening, give this a try; it's worth it.

2. AMERICAN BEAUTY (Sam Mendes, 1999)

I think what I love the most about this film is how it takes those small moments of intense thought and turns it into an intricate choreography. You can watch and let your mind wander, just like Lester Burnham (not like that, perv).

3. THERE WILL BE BLOOD (Paul Thomas Anderson. 2007)

A mix of an amazing soundtrack paired with epic shots of the Californian landscape, this movie does not disappoint. If the look of this film doesn't impress you, I'm sure Daniel Day-Lewis' performance will.

4. THE TREE OF LIFE (Terrence Malick, 2011)

What a beautiful film. Even if you leave without fully understanding the story behind the film, you will leave with some gorgeous imagery. Despite the mixed critiques of this movie, I personally loved the world it created and the visual story it told. Because when I think of my life, I think of those moments that really caught my eye.

5. MELANCHOLIA (Lars von Trier, 2011)

Watching this film is like watching a painting transform. I love how the visuals intensify as the story unfolds and intensifies as well. This film definitely channels the ominous and scarily beautiful energy of the universe.

That's it for this week's Monday Movie Marathon. May your eyes go on a crazy adventure filled with some really glorious sights!

What would your picks be? Tweet me @warriorrenaud or use the hashtag #mondaymoviemarathon!