Monday Movie Marathon: You Crack Me Up


This week's movie marathon features films that simply make me laugh. A lot. Not that making me laugh is a hard thing, but these do it so well. Even after seeing them a dozen times, they still manage to make my sides hurt.

1. SOME LIKE IT HOT (Billy Wilder, 1959)

Seing Jack Lemon dressed as a woman never ceases to amuse me. This film is so lovely and innocent, you just can't help but smile the whole way through. And if seeing a rugged Tony Curtis traipse around in a sparkly dress doesn't do it for you, then maybe seeing Marilyn in all her tight-dress glory will.

2. MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones, 1975)

This film is definitely sidesplitting! The first time I saw this film was in theatres with my mother during a Monty Python marathon, and the room was in constant laughter. The mix of the cheesy effects and cheeky British humour makes me laugh so hard, I start to cry. If you are ever feeling low, this movie will surely lift your spirits, and will leave you with some unforgettable memories.

3. THIS IS SPINAL TAP (Rob Reiner, 1984)

A mocumentary so funny, I wish it was real. These characters really capture your heart as much as they make you concerned for the sanity of humanity. It might be weird a first, but stick with it. It is so very funny.

4. THE BIRDCAGE (Mike Nichols, 1996)

Hank Azaria alone, as the flamboyant housekeeper, gets you roaring with laughter. And the rest of the cast just keeps that going the whole way through. Robin Williams is no Mrs. Doubtfire, but man, his many Hawaiian and flower print shirts are just as funny!

5. I LOVE YOU, MAN (John Hamburg, 2009)

Time for some modern-day humour, I think. This film definitely delivers. A timeless tale of all those man dates, to find the perfect bromance. There aren't enough stories like this, and it's so funny!

That's it for this week's Monday Movie Marathon. I hope these films help turn that frown upside down. We all need a little pick-me up once in a while!

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Monday Movie Marathon

Introducing Monday Movie Marathon, where I discuss movies that would make for a great addition to a popcorn-filled evening. This week's feature is High School. Those movies that delve in the teenage brain, and make you laugh (and rethink your sense of style) the whole way through.

HEATHERS (Michael Lehmann, 1988): It's quirky, it's dark, it's so completely quotable. I love movies that make you uncomfortable for laughing. Definitely a must for today's marathon.

  BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Fran Rubel Kuzui, 1992): My inner geek is totally in the spotlight in this post, but I could not talk "High School" movies without talking about Buffy. This movie was the precursor to my favourite show of all time, and it too has a very special place in my heart. It is completely ridiculous and completely awesome at the same time.

  CLUELESS (Amy Heckerling, 1995): Another incredibly quotable movie, this was the movie of my childhood. I dreamt of having Cher's wardrobe (although, I'm not sure about the full yellow plaid skirt-suit anymore) and her cool friends. Dusting off my VHS copy always makes me smile.

  BRING IT ON (Peyton Reed, 2000): I did it, it's on the top of my list. And don't you tell me that you've never learnt any of the words to the cheers in this film.

That's it for this week's movie marathon. Seems I had lots to inspire me as a young girl in the 90s. These female-focused teen flicks struck me as a kid and are still on the top of my favourite movie list.

What would your picks be? Tweet me @warriorrenaud or use the hashtag #mondaymoviemarathon!