Monday Movie Marathon: Bewildering, Puzzling & Inexplicable

This week's Movie Marathon feature are the films that generate a large question mark over your head by the time the credits roll out. But this doesn't make them bad movies, on the contrary. You perhaps now have a new mission in life, which is to decipher the message of the film, and so you watch it over and over and over and over and over. I seem to have failed at making this mission seem fun; so give these a go, and see what I mean!

MULHOLLAND DRIVE (David Lynch, 2001): Don't worry, it's normal to have a lot of questions after seeing this film. I figured out most of it after a few (ok, many) viewings, however, nothing is explained completely. You have to come to terms with that permanent question mark and simply enjoy the absolute brilliance of Lynch's film.

DONNIE DARKO (Richard Kelly, 2001): A warning: Frank might start appearing in your nightmares. Despite the constant questioning you'll be doing as you watch this, the story is extremely compelling. So sit back and just go with it. For me, it's one of those films I am always happy to watch over and over again and discover new answers every time.

MEMENTO (Christopher Nolan, 2000): Watching this movie is like doing a triathlon with your brain. So good, yet so exhausting to keep up with. Chronology goes out the window with this one, and you start to feel very similar to the main character who suffers from severe memory loss.

TWELVE MONKEYS (Terry Gilliam, 1995): Most of the film is fairly straightforward (weird, but straightforward). The ending however, is the confusing part; perhaps because Gilliam tends to create a unique world where we find ourselves concentrating on details that aren't important to the story. Other than seeing Bruce Willis as a crazy time traveler, this movie is definitely worth watching!

That's it for this week's movie marathon. If you're in the mood for some brain teasers, these will undoubtedly fulfill your active movie-watching needs!

What would your picks be? Tweet me @warriorrenaud or use the hashtag #mondaymoviemarathon!